Hyper Real Skincare

Developed a design system centered on the peony to unify the launch of Hyper Real Skincare across various store formats, from freestanding to specialty-multi environments. These brand codes ensured its distinct identity across all locations.


I brought to life the worldwide relaunch of the iconic Matte Lipstick bullet. Leveraging campaign codes, I crafted bold and dynamic art direction that spanned from retail windows to in-store visualizations.

Bizarre Blizzard Bash Holiday

I led the creative direction for in-store art direction and 3D product displays during the holiday season. Strategically tailoring each design to fit the unique setup of every store and system format was crucial to maintaining a cohesive and consistent visual experience across the board.

Studio Fix Campaign

Led art direction and product display design across various systems and retail channels. Ensured that MAC’s core value of inclusivity resonated throughout every touchpoint of this project.

Magic Extension Mascara Campaign

Spearheaded art direction and product presentation design tailored for specialty-multi stores. Product equity was achieved by leveraging the launch design codes from the packaging into 360 program.


Inspired by the mirror gazing ball design of the mascara, the primary goal was to elevate and differentiate the product within the fiercely competitive mascara market and various retail settings.


All kit displayers were designed using environmentally friendly materials, including recycled paper, non-plastic components, and green mylar.